Humans love to tell stories. They are fascinated by old legends of vampires, but believe none of them true. Would you like to prove them wrong? Choose an origin and step into the world of blood.
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PostSubject: Shane   Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:51 pm

Group Request

Name: Shane
Age: 127 (appearance 24)
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Bloodline: Lost Souls
Portrait: Choi Siwon

History: Having stumbled upon Thornrose purely by accident, Shane took a liking to the town quite well enough; even decided he might settle there for a while. He never could remain in the same place longer than 10-15 years. The locals would grow suspicious of his never-changing appearance and Shane would have to be on the move once again. After seven years in Thornrose, Shane was beginning to wonder what he would do once he overstepped his welcome there.
In those seven years Shane had found a job as a tutor and taught many of the local children. He grew quite attached to the town and one of his students in particular – a servant girl by the name of Aylith. It was terrifying watching her grow from a child to a young woman, what with his given history and present position. Shane played the role of a friendly tutor perfectly, but feared constantly that his past would catch up with him.
Shane was born in Seoul, South Korea. His mother was a local girl who worked as a cook and died giving birth to him. His father he never knew, and probably never would. But Shane knew what his father was and what sort of cursed blood now ran through his own veins. No one ever knew, not the relatives that raised him or the people who he acquainted himself with – his species had no distinguishing features, not in such an early age. Shane was twenty when he first met another of his kind and was having difficulties controlling his bloodlust. Thankfully, the older vampire helped him through it. Some years over a hundred on passed since then, he was still young and not so far from his unstable age, but his feeding was more controlled. The only problem seemed to be that his hunger could never quite cease; the awareness of how easily he could give into it troubling.
As the household in which Aylith lived and served fell apart, Shane found himself at a loss. He knew she had no one and he was aware that he had no more than eight years left at a stretch in Thornrose – he should not have involved himself further. Against all reason he did exactly that and took Aylith under his wing.
He began telling her stories about vampires, carefully phrasing the common legends at first, then adding bits of truth every now and then. He wanted her to understand his species better, to understand him better. Shane wanted to introduce Aylith to his world and tell her what he truly was. By the time he had to leave, he wanted her to accept what he was and perhaps be willing to come away with him. When the time for his departure finally came, Shane would have prayed a thousand times that she does not curse him, hate him and turn away from him forever.
Personality: (includes likes, dislikes, etc.)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationships: (optional; friendships, rivalries, etc.)




Abilities: (depends on what you base your vampire on; for example you cannot have combined abilities from Darren Shan's books and The Vampire Diaries' series, unless the ability is the same in both, of course.)
Special Items: (if any; you must provide a detailed description how and why your character got this item. If the item is not crucial for your character or their history it will not be approved).

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