Humans love to tell stories. They are fascinated by old legends of vampires, but believe none of them true. Would you like to prove them wrong? Choose an origin and step into the world of blood.
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 Diamonds for Tears

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Aylith Llyr


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Vampire Origins
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PostSubject: Diamonds for Tears   Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:12 am

Group Request

Name: Aylith Llyr
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Portrait: Dita von Teese

History: Aylith lived in Thornrose her entire life – she was born and raised in a poor household in Missing Mile and sold into service along with her sister, Leandra, as soon as the two girls were old enough to hold brooms. They ended up in a mansion in Lovers Lane where work was plenty, and they had to do it well to earn their stay. Aylith did her share obediently and to the best of her ability. Leandra, however, never was much of a working type and often shifted her work to Aylith. But it seemed to matter little – Leandra was pretty and could marry easily, she needed not stay at the mansion to work. The mistress of the house certainly seemed to take a liking to her charm and brought in various suitors, making Leandra the daughter she never had. Aylith was too young, too clever for such idle fancies, but with a bit of luck Leandra won her little sister access to library textbooks and a tutor, a young man perhaps ten years her senior – and in her spare time, Aylith received education. She was bright and willing to learn, advancing quickly through French and History, soaking up knowledge about different plants and herbs, and medicines she could mix up as well as poisons. Through most of her growing up, Aylith had something she could call home, a steady workplace and private schooling – yet all good things had to end sometime and so did her life at the mansion one sunny Thursday morning.
The housemistress saw Leandra married off to a wealthy travelling merchant, saw her leave Thornrose and then died. The mansion fell apart without a commanding hand and Aylith kicked out along with the other servant body. She took the short trip back to Missing Mile to find her parents long dead as well, swept away by plague that had run through Thornrose half a decade or so prior, their bodies left to rot in a pit along with dozens of others. She had no one left and no place to go to – or so she thought before, curiously enough, her tutor, Shane, offered Aylith to stay with him.
Shane lived alone in Missing Mile, just a couple of blocks away from Aylith’s old home, but nothing he said or did worried Aylith. He was her tutor and her friend and she had known him for years – with little reluctance she accepted his offer, promising to perform any household duties in return.
At the mansion in Lovers Lane Aylith had been quite sheltered; now Shane allowed her much more freedom and introduced her to a whole new world beyond the four walls. He told her of stories telling about strange creatures that could only come out at night and who fed on the blood of humans. Shane spoke of vampires often and as if he believed in them, even mentioning a couple of odd sightings right there in Thornrose and the near village.
Personality: Aylith likes to have her mind working at all times, be it to study or simply imagine. As of late her main priorities have been her studies, though she still enjoys sorts of physical work like chores. (wip)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationships: (optional; friendships, rivalries, etc.)

  • Years of household duties taught Aylith to clean things up swiftly and efficiently; she can clean up a scene and leave no trace or evidence of anyone ever being there.
  • Her wide knowledge of various plants and herbs makes her able to mix medicines and relieving balms, as well as poisons.

  • The terrifying feeling of having been left alone and forgotten is something that Aylith, who had always more or less depended on someone or been aware of someone's presence, cannot handle easily.
  • Due to her fear of thunder, Aylith can be rendered useless in certain situations.

Fears: Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning.

Special Items: None.

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Diamonds for Tears
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