Humans love to tell stories. They are fascinated by old legends of vampires, but believe none of them true. Would you like to prove them wrong? Choose an origin and step into the world of blood.
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 Locking up the Sun

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Gale Anders


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Vampire Origins
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PostSubject: Locking up the Sun   Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:20 am

Group Request

Name: Gale Anders
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Portrait: Cillian Murphy

History: Ensconced in a Gothic mansion on the outskirts of London, Gale was going to grow up into an example young man. Polite and intelligent, he had wealth and power to look forward to and many of his peers envied him. But the child prodigy shocked upon refusing the family wealth.
Gale was fourteen at the time and all his wants were dismissed as a boy’s childish dreams. Stubborn anger had welled inside his gentle mind for Gale did not wish to have his entire future planned out for him, and finally it surfaced, spilling out of Gale like boiling water from a heated pot. A couple of weeks before his sixteenth birthday he fled the mansion. Perhaps his family thought he was going to return on his own, or perhaps they decided they did not care all that much for the rebelling boy – either way, they never did come to look for him.
Gale did not mind. He settled above an old inn, somewhere in lower London, and worked his way through a number of odd jobs. The staff at the inn liked him well enough, as did the customers. Business flourished at the inn that year, but it was just a bit longer that Gale stayed there. At some point he decided it was time to move on; he had gathered enough money to leave and so he did.
Over the next couple of months Gale never did have a constant residence, he travelled a lot and on his travels studied and learned about many intriguing things. He had an ear for languages and picked up a couple easily. He visited libraries and schools in different countries, never enrolling, always using an opportunity to pick up something new. By the end of that year Gale had become interested in stories about Thornrose, and thought to go there to learn more.
Personality: Appearing quiet and reserved, raised in a prosperous household, Gale grew up with an air of grace and elegance ever-present in his actions. Unfortunately, the strict upbringing also left him lacking in imagination, rather serious and orderly to the point of being slightly OCD about it. While he stands strongly by his beliefs, what Gale likes most is the spontaneous mind that can offer arguments against them. He is intrigued by and attracted to the childlike mind, playful mind very much different from his own.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Relationships: Because he was often the centre of attention while growing up, Gale learned to adapt in big crowds, throwing in a smile here, a comment there. Though the expressions he shows are not always honest, he usually manages to act friendly towards whoever accepts his presence. After leaving his family home, Gale has strived to have the role of a dull young man that everyone would forget by the end of the evening. He has made little friends and managed to keep contact with less than half the number. A couple of locals in Town know him from Zillah’s bar, but few ever even bothered to start a conversation.
Through series of unfortunate events, Gale is always up to making a number of enemies, mostly those who believe him spoiled and arrogant. His flaw is that he does little to prove them wrong, but rather enjoys the predictable reactions when he acts out the role set out for him.

  • Gale has a knack for not being noticed, for hearing things he is not meant to hear, for blending in and observing.
  • Able to learn quickly and adapt to most situations rather easily.

  • Sometimes stubborn and prideful, Gale tends to be unable to admit that he is at a fault.
  • Due to his fear of heights, Gale can be rendered useless in certain situations.

Fears: Acrophobia – fear of heights.

Special Items: On his travels Gale acquired a rather interesting piece of jewellery; a smooth silver ring with a single ruby, given to him as a gift. The previous wearer found himself in debt to Gale and presented the ring as a form of protection, claiming ruby protects the wearer from harm. Though Gale refused the gift at first, his indebted insisted and so Gale took it. He does not yet understand its power, but Gale did notice that on several occasions when he should have been hurt - he was not. This made him conduct some research, but so far he found very little about the said ring.

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Aylith Llyr


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PostSubject: Re: Locking up the Sun   Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:41 pm

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Locking up the Sun
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