Humans love to tell stories. They are fascinated by old legends of vampires, but believe none of them true. Would you like to prove them wrong? Choose an origin and step into the world of blood.
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 Side Stories and Fiction

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PostSubject: Side Stories and Fiction   Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:12 pm

Once your character has been released into play, he or she will develop through role-play with various other characters.
You can, however, develop your character further through side stories – short stories revolving around
your character’s past or their current thoughts about a certain event.
You can create flashbacks, write about them travelling and more.
These stories don’t have to be directly connected
or relevant to your character’s present life, but they should stay “in character”.
Similarly, you can create a completely fictional and “out of character” event.
Try out different friendships, rivalries and romantic relationships,
but try to get an okay from another user if you are involving their character with yours,
and if you are writing about something you think may offend them.
Also, keep in mind that the fictional stories are in no way connected to the role-play
and are not, unlike side stories, an indication of what happened, is happening, or might happen.

The title of your New Topic stories about your character can be anything,
from the character's name to something short describing the actual character (ex. lyrics, quote).
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Side Stories and Fiction
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