Humans love to tell stories. They are fascinated by old legends of vampires, but believe none of them true. Would you like to prove them wrong? Choose an origin and step into the world of blood.
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 Forum Rules

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Aylith Llyr


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Vampire Origins
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:39 pm

DOs and DON'Ts

  • Sparkling vampires. I’m sorry, but Twilight just doesn’t sit well with us. We accept variations, including the original, Darren Shan, Vampire Diaries, or Poppy Z. Brites' vampires. But no Twilight sparkles. Please.
  • Broadcasting of origins. Humans don’t know about vampires, and vampires don’t go around telling humans what they are. Simple as that.
  • Colourful usernames. It is preferred that each user displays their character name as their username. When you first register it IS okay to have your username as whatever you please, but when your character application is accepted, your username will be changed to the name of the character as well.
  • Disrespect. It will not be tolerated. Respect all members both in and out of character. Racism, sexism, criticism towards gender preference etc. will result in ban.
  • Bad grammar. It will be tolerated, but to a certain extent. Know your dots, spelling, and keep text message style to a minimum.
  • Spamming. There will be Out of Character topics where you can chat, share pictures or links and the like. When role-playing use brackets for ooc talk, and there’s always private messaging.
  • God Modding. Look it up.

  • Sexual content. It is allowed as long as it is put in a spoiler or under a warning. Same goes for graphic gory scenes and the like. Otherwise, try to keep the content of your posts PG-13.
  • Multiple characters. New users begin with only one, but can request a second character after just a week. Any request will, most likely, be approved and you can go up to five characters as long as you stick to the rules and inform the administrators of making the new character.
  • Character requests. Parents, siblings, old friends, rivals… all can be requested to be played by another user.
  • Special items. Rings that allow a vampire to walk in the sun, protective charms and necklaces. However, these items are limited and not everyone can have them.
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Forum Rules
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